Finding The Perfect Fit: Here Are 5 Tips To Stay In Shape With Your Partner!

You’ve heard the saying “Couples who sweat together, stay together”, and if you’re wondering how to start a positive relationship with your partner that’s centered around fitness, we’ve got you! 

Leading an active lifestyle with your partner can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make – research has shown that couples who workout together feel a deeper sense of commitment, intimacy and overall happiness. 

So whether your partner is a gym junkie or just starting, here are 5 ways you can spice up your relationship with fitness! 

Be Each Other’s Best Source Of Motivation

Possibly the best reason for working out with your partner is the fact that you can both be a direct source of motivation around the clock! 

If your partner is new to fitness or perhaps they lose motivation quickly, show them that you are a positive pillar of support by providing constant encouragement when they feel like giving up. 

Whether it is a friendly wake up call to get up early and go for that walk, or a simple gesture like choosing healthy meals and treats together when dining out, you can both be a positive force that can help keep each other in check. 

And because no one knows you better than your partner, it does help that you can show a little tough love when they slip back into their bad habits to give you that extra push!

Set Fitness Goals Together 

You and your partner may have different fitness goals – and that it’s perfectly fine! 

If your goal is to lose body fat while your partner is seeking to gain muscle mass (or vice versa), there are plenty of activities that can achieve both objectives while injecting a ton of fun. 

Ultimately, setting goals together can help you stay accountable for the long run. Because your partner is aware of what your goals are, they will be more understanding when you have to undergo stricter lifestyle changes to achieve them. 

And if you wanna make it a little more interesting, create a fitness challenge between yourselves and add a quirky penalty to keep things fun! After all, everyone loves a little friendly competition! 

Skip The Movies & Try An Active Date Instead 

Speaking of shaking things up, if you find that most of your dates center around sedentary activities like going to the cinema or the spa, why not initiate an active day out instead? 

Besides spending more time and getting a little closer, you’ll both be burning calories at the same time! 

If you reside close to a neighbourhood park, a nice evening walk or run would be the perfect way to start. For couples who love a little more adventure, you can try to go for a hike at a new nature reserve, or try out a cross-island cycling route. 

Who knows, a new sense of adventure might even inspire you to take up outdoor classes like wakeboarding or paddle boarding! 

Nourish Your Relationship With New Experiences

When we think about “milestones” in relationships, often bigger life moments come into mind – your anniversary, first date or even the day you moved into your new home. 

But what if you celebrated fitness milestones together in the same way? 

Starting a fitness journey together will surely bring about plenty of “first-times”: First time out for a walk, first day of working out and so on. 

Celebrating these milestones is also the best way for you and your partner to look back and reminisce on how far you’ve come. It is also a big source of motivation to push you to do better for the next milestone. 

Communication Is Key

Finally, we would encourage you to have open, healthy conversations with your partner throughout your journey. 

Starting a fitness journey with your partner should be a positive, liberating experience and not be the cause of constant riffs and fights. 

When it comes to the right way to communicate, honesty is simply the best policy. If your partner made an insensitive remark about your progress, or perhaps was a little too tough on you for skipping that run, be honest about your feelings. 

It can be tempting to bottle up your emotions and let it all out at once, but it is more important to show your partner that you trust them enough to be honest when they slip up. 

By being honest, you’ll both learn how to best motivate and support each other as you continue your fitness journey in 2021 and beyond!

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Hatha Flow
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Barre Stretch & Core
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Kenneth Seow
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Specialising in bodyweight exercises, this class will guide you through various exercises and movement utilising just your bodyweight to get a workout in. No matter where you are or whatever fitness level you are at, this class allows you to join in and learn new movements with no equipment at all while still ensuring you get your sweat on!

Equipment required: Optional yoga mat

About Kenneth Seow

With an all round athletic background, Kenneth played football and dragon boat competitively before finding joy in calisthenics. His main practice has since been understanding the mechanics of the body and improving mental health with fitness.


Our signature multi-level class is an exhilarating workout inspired by ballet, yoga, pilates & strength training to transform your entire body. Classes will be a fusion of isometric holds (small controlled movements) and full-range dynamic movements that will challenge you to build strength yet moving gracefully with poise. Think body control, flow, strength & technique fused into one class – challenging you to go beyond your limits!

Equipment required: A pair of 1 to 2kg weights or 330ml filled water bottles, yoga mat

About Anabel Chew

Anabel is the Co Founder of WeBarre, Asia’s leading Barre studio.

She comes from a background as a professional Musician and an Entrepreneur. As WeBarre’s lead instructor, Anabel trains and nurtures the team, maintaining a consistent execution of the WeBarre method. She finds inspiration in her team and community, empowering each other to live their best lives yet. Expect her signature killer barre burn, delivered through a little ’tough love’ and walk away with a post-sweat sexy glow as your reward!


Come with me through a full lunar hatha yoga practice. Beginning with pranayama then working through multiple asana sequences. The class teach you how to find more control, clarity and stability within your body and involve controlled breath work through the sequences and long holds.

Available for all levels of practice.

About Aly Rauff

Aly Rauff is a Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher with Om People Yoga and UFit Singapore. After finding her passion and love for yoga, she spent many years practicing before deciding to embark on her YTT with Om People in Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga.

Since then she has started teaching Full Time in the industry, with UFit as well as assisting in teacher trainings in India annually. She hopes to help introduce and expand the practice among her students and show everyone that yoga is more than just a physical practice.

V-Day Couple Circuit: HIIT ME BABY!

They say “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The only thing better than workout endorphins, is a fitspo buddy to keep you motivated 😉

About Natalie and Joshua

Natalie and Joshua are both certified personal trainers and bootcamp coaches, and are widely known within the community as one of Singapore’s fitness couples. They are Under Armour, MyProtein and Virgin Active ambassadors, and have conducted HIIT classes for Under Armour, Shape Singapore, JW Marriot and Harper’s Bazaar, amongst others. They have also been together for close to nine years, proving that couples who workout together stay together! They hope their passion for fitness and wellness will inspire more people to live healthier and more active lifestyles.


Yogasthenics class is a hybrid between yoga and calisthenics. This class focuses primarily on strength drills and inversions leading to the world of handstands. Calisthenics techniques are emphasized during this class to achieve various arm balancing or inversion postures in yoga. As you go through this class, you will explore the strength and power of your upper body. You may notice yourself growing stronger and more stable in your handstands and inversions with every class attended!

About Fizzy

Fizzy has been a Yoga Instructor in Singapore since 2016. I believe living a life free of judgements, filled with joy and gratitude. These feelings not only guide me in my practice but also in my teaching which focuses on helping my students to remain calm in any uncomfortable situation and eventually achieve a better connection with their mind, body and their surroundings. #MaximumEffort


Are you looking for an amazing workout, someone who can push you through your limits or just having a fun time? THIS IS IT! With only an hour, this bootcamp will make you sweat a BUCKET. With Queenie’s energy, you will feel motivated and inspired to push even harder than you think you can.

This bootcamp is HIGH INTENSITY and is done in a CIRCUIT TRAINING STYLE. But there’s beginner option during the workout and all will be done at your own fitness level.

Are you ready to challenge yourself to something better?!

About Queenie

Gen-Z fitness sensation Queenie Azabeth has been is a Champion for a Natural BodyBuilding & Fitness Association Junior and owner of SunBae Beach Bootcamp. She has been a fitness instructor for 3 years. She is currently also owner of her own Activewear, Kingdom by Queenie.

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